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Working to End the Overwhelming Influence of Money in Politics

Recent Supreme Court decision "Citizens United" paved the way for elections to be decided mainly by the wealthiest of Americans or Corporations. The court ruling allowed for the creation of the fund raising vehicle of super pacs, which allow unlimited donations to champion their issues. If we do not act to stop their entrenchment, they will become a permanent fixture and corrupt our democracy. We must convince the congress to end the existence of these super pacs, so that the people not corporations control our government.

Our goal: Undo the damage done by Big Money interest and Corporate Lobbyist by rolling back programs that line the pockets of special interest, but do not serve public interest. This election cycle we are focused on rolling back the widespread deployment of Red Light Cameras throughout the country. These cameras have proven to serve no purpose for public safety. They have become nothing more than another revenue source for big government and the corporations that control our elected officials.

To achieve our goal: We will petition for ballot measures calling for the removal of these Red Light Cameras and organize efforts to remove elected officials who support them from office. Help us defend our democracy by making a .